Pennzoil常規發動機油 5-1公升 – 減售$18.95

Pennzoil常規發動機油 5-1公升  -  減售$18.95

Pennzoil Conventional Engine Oil, 5-l - $18.59

* Pennzoil Conventional Engine Oil is fortified with Active Cleansing Agents™ to continuously prevent dirt and contaminants from turning into performance-robbing deposits, which helps to keep your engine clean and responsive.
* Cleans out up to 40% of sludge in the first oil change, and keeps cleaning all the way until your next oil change - based on severe sludge clean-up testing using SAE 5W30.
* API/ILSAC rating SN/GF-5.
* Meets standards of Ford WSS-M2C946-A/WSS-M2C929-A, Chrysler MS-6395 and GM 6094M (SAE 5W-30).
* Also meets standards of Chrysler MS6395 and GM 6094M (SAE 10W-30).
* Meets service fill requirements of most Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia and other Asian made vehicles.
* Size: 946 mL.

STARTS: April 13, 2018 @ 5:00am
EXPIRES: April 20, 2018

Canadian Tire

原價$30.99. 現售$18.95 +$0.75 ENV. FEE

  • Pennzoil常規發動機油含有活性清潔劑™,可持續防止污垢和污染物變成性能不良的沉積物,有助於保持發動機的清潔和響應。
  • 在第一次換油過程中清除高達40%的沉渣,並可一直保持到下一次換油 - 基於使用SAE 5W30的嚴重沉渣清理測試。
  • API / ILSAC評級SN / GF-5。
  • 符合福特WSS-M2C946-A / WSS-M2C929-A,克萊斯勒MS-6395和GM 6094M(SAE 5W-30)的標準。
  • 符合克萊斯勒MS6395和GM 6094M(SAE 10W-30)的標準。
  • 滿足大多數豐田,日產,本田,斯巴魯,現代,起亞和其他亞洲製造車輛的服務填充要求。
  • 大小:946毫升。

April 13, 2018 起至 April 20, 2018 到期

Canadian Tire 有售

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